Sunday, May 4, 2014


                                          SOUTH! THE STORY OF SHACKLETON’S        
                                          LAST EXPEDITION 1914–1917

"On March 23 Mr. Stenhouse landed a party consisting of StevensSpencer-Smith, Gaze, and Richards in order that they might carry out routine observations ashore. These four men took up their quarters in Captain Scott’s hut. They had been instructed to kill seals for meat and blubber. The landing of stores, gear, and coal did not proceed at all rapidly, it being assumed that the ship would remain at her moorings throughout the winter. Some tons of coal were taken ashore during April, but most of it stayed on the beach, and much of it was lost later when the sea-ice went out. This shore party was in the charge of Stevens, and his report, handed to me much later, gives a succinct account of what occurred, from the point of view of the men at the hut: 

CAPE EVANS, Ross Island, July 30, 1915." 

Cape Evans Scott's Hut.jpg

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